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  : 数字十三

  One of the most widespread superstitions is that thirteen is unlucky,and so generalis this idea that many hotels do not have a room number thirteen. Some people will not start a trip on the 13th day of the month,especially if it happens to be a Friday. Various explanations have been given as to the origin ofthis superstition. The most popular explanation that there were thirteen persons at the Last Supper, Judas being frequently represented as the thirteen. The superstition about the number thirteen is universal. We can find it in France, England, throughout almost the whole of Europe, and in America. It has long been a matter of etiquette in France to avoid having exactly thirteen guests at a dinner or party, and the person who is invited to fill the fourteenth seat at the table is usually known as quatorizieme.


  The English writer Addison, who wrote early in the 18th century, tells us a story about the superstition in his time. I remember I was once in a mixed assembly that was full of noise and mirth, when on a sudden an old woman unluckily observed there were thirteen of us in company. This remark struck a panic terror into several who were present, insomuch that one or two of the ladies were going to leave the room, but a friend of mine, taking notice that one of our female companions was big with child, affirmed there were foufieen in the room, and that, instead of portending one of the company should die, it plaidy forebode one of them should be bom. Had not my friend formd this expedient to break the omen, I question not but half of the women in the company would have fallen sick that night.

  英国18世纪早期的作家艾迪生谈到过当时一个关于迷信的故事。 我记得有一次我跟一群男女宾客同席进餐,正当大家兴高采烈、笑语喧哗时,一个老太太开口说,在座的共有13人。席上的几个人顿时大惊失色,有一两位女士竟欲起身离席而去。此时我的一位朋友注意到席上有一位身怀六甲的女客,便说同席的不是13人,而是14人;这不是一位客人要死的凶兆,而是一位客人要出生的吉兆。多亏了这位朋友情急生智,不然当天晚上女客们都会病倒的。


  A budget airline wants to organize weddings in the sky, aiming to be the first carrier to let couples tie the knot at cruising altitude, it said Thursday. Easyjet has applied to local authorities at its base at Luton airport, north of London, seeking permission for pilots to officiate in the sky-high nuptials. More and more couples are looking for an extraordinary wedding: under water, during parachute jumping, on the football ground-creativity knows no bounds, said the airline.If our request is replied positively, then so-called floating on cloud nine would get a new meaning for people in love, said Paul Simmons, Easyjets UK regional general manager.


  A small charge would be levied for the service if approved, a spokesman added. Luton Borough Council said it was awaiting full details of the proposal before assessing whether it could approve in-flight weddings. We have only just received a letter from Easyjet and wni be responding in due course, said a council spokesman. While there are clearly laws goveming marriage ceremorues, we are not yet aware of the full details of what Easyjet are proposmg to do, therefore it would be inappropriate to comment further.

  一位发言人称,如果获批,这项服务的收费也不会很多。卢顿区理事会称,目前该机构正在等待有关空中婚礼方案的所有详细内容,之后才能评估其是否可行。理事会的一位发言人称:我们只是收到了易捷航空的一封来函,我们会在适当的时候给予回复。 有关举办婚礼的问题,有明确的法律规定,但现在我们还不了解易捷航空这项方案的详细内容,所以不便作进一步评论。

  Easyjet captain Jeffery Husson added:To officiate a wedding is a special honor for me, It would be exciting, if I could marry couples above the clouds.



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