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  The summer vacation has come quietly to us, as the saying goes, the plan of the year is in the spring, the day is in the morning. It is the beginning of success that tells us to book early. So I made the following summer plans.

  First, I will continue my studies during the summer vacation. Are you listening to the word learning Do you want to ask me if I have to study for a vacation No, your thoughts are wrong. Its a holiday, but we have to learn, too, because we can use the summer vacation to make up for the knowledge that we didnt have a solid knowledge before. Isnt that great

  I will not only learn to help my mother do some of the housework as I can, because my mother often does housework when I am going to school. So I want to help my mother do housework. For example: sweeping, sweeping every three days. The ground is delayed every four days. Get a table and chair every day. Let mom rest.

  Not only do I have to study, I do housework, but I also go outside to experience the present society. So I spent the rest of my life doing social practice, work-study programs. Money can be used to buy school supplies

  Have you seen my plans for the summer vacation Move on and make a plan for the summer as well as I do. I believe that by working hard, we will succeed, and we will add a lot of luster to our life! Come on, summer vacation! Im ready!







  When I returned from guilin, I made a plan to make me a full, happy summer vacation.

  First, in terms of learning. Because there is so little time for reading, I will read a few extra books during the summer vacation, and make sure to read an hour a day and do a book. Write an old poem every day, write a journal, and practice calligraphy for 20 minutes. In order to improve my English, I still have to read English for 15 minutes. On top of that, the end of the vacation is easier for me, and Im going to prepare for the fifth grade class.

  Second, in other respects. I want to travel more, hoping to broaden my horizon in the second class, and learn something I cant learn in school. I also have to study swimming and visit friends and relatives. In addition to these, I will also insist on my special study, such as erhu will practice for an hour every day, the Latin dance prepares the test grade, the homework that the teacher assigns the teacher to do.

  To do well, of course, the health is the most important, so in order to complete my plan, I want to insist to take exercise every day, or cycling, or swimming, or walking.

  Now that you have a plan, youre going to do it as planned, and if it doesnt work out, its going to be white. So I must be careful to finish my plan and not go through the motions.







  Dream vacation finally arrived, when no holiday, I also look forward to during the day, night to night, finally gave to this beautiful holiday, the following is my vacation plan, let me to talk about it!

  A, do homework,

  Assignments must be serious to complete, whether left by Chinese teacher, or a mathematics teacher leave, or written neatly, accuracy is strong, dont write assiduously, can write forty minutes, rest for 10 minutes, break time can get something to eat, go out to play for a while, but not more than ten minutes, ok, the first task so much!

  Second, learn English

  Again for a year, Im going to top junior high school, in this wonderful holiday, I want to learn the junior middle school English, make a preparation, win back five words every day, remember firmly, etc on the junior high school doesnt have to worry about, to do perseverance, dont give up.

  Third, play

  After memorizing the words, I can have a good time, you dont want to say that I am greedy, as the saying goes: to combine labor and labor. First of all I want to play computer, then draw, finally watch cartoon, listen to song, go to the little square to play, ha ha, a look to want to smile.

  Fourth, do the housework the reward

  Every day, I want to help my mother do the housework, but, this thing is not white dry, sweeping 5 jiao, wipe the table 5 jiao, wash clothes 1 yuan, pour garbage 1 yuan...... Not only is it fun, but its a great deal to buy books, stationery, and things you love about housework.

  I have to do it this holiday season!












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